Self Care Tracker

Self Care Tracker

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This ebook tracks all your self-care activities:

  • Mental Health
  • Money Tracker
  • Skin Care Routine
  • Workout Guide
  • Meal Planner
  • Monthly Review
  • Daily Activity


You never see a planner dedicated to your daily self-care activities... this is why I created this baby!


Tracking your progress is important. You can see how many times you forget to eat healthy in one month, or how many times you skipped out on going to the gym, and then set yourself goals for the next month. This planner helps you recognize and MINIMIZE your mistakes, keeping you on track when it comes to things like your skincare routine or saving up money!


Note; this is an ebook, to prevent shipping costs and save paper! You are able to print this if you wish to after the download. I recommend using a laptop when downloading any of my items.